Dr. Tad Bender

benderAssociate Veterinarian

Dr. Tad Bender grew up in Fallbrook, CA and met Dr. Colburn as a young 4-H member needing veterinary services for his animal projects. As Dr. Bender’s interest grew in veterinary medicine, he rode along with Dr. Colburn during his ambulatory calls and received encouragement to pursue a veterinary education.

Dr. Bender graduated from UC Davis Veterinary School in 2007 and came back to join Creekside Veterinary Service in July of 2007. Dr. Bender’s Masters Degree in animal reproductive physiology has given him expertise in the field of equine reproduction and coincides with his particular interest in equine medicine and neonatology. Dr. Bender also has extensive experience in ruminant animal husbandry and care.