Routine and Preventative Care

IMG_0339General medicine includes everything from annual physical examinations, routine vaccinations, dental exams, fecal exams, and routine de-worming programs. Talk to your Creekside Equine veterinarian today to help you determine the ideal vaccine and de-worming program for your horse, herd, or barn.

  • Comprehensive physical exam—This allows us to evaluate the overall health and condition of your horse.
  • Equine dental exam—It is important to check the oral health of our patients. The health of the teeth, gums, and tongue are checked, and we will decide if routine “floating” (an Old English term that means “to file”) is needed or more involved dental care is necessary. Remember that your annual to bi-annual dental exams are a very important part of your preventative care plan. A horse’s teeth affect proper chewing, digestion, nutrient absorption, and can even influence performance. See more about our dental services on the dental page.
  • Vaccinations—Vaccines are an important component to keep your horse healthy and stop preventable diseases from impacting your horse and that of the local equestrian community. Vaccines are recommended based on the age, individual exposure risks, and local conditions.
  • Deworming—If you do your own deworming, we will help you to be sure that frequency and products used are correct. If you want us to deworm, we will design a custom program to fit your horse’s needs. Also, fecal egg counts can be used to evaluate the efficacy of deworming in certain situations.
  • Equine ophthalmology—Part of the wellness exam includes a careful examination of your horse’s eyes, checking for cataracts, recurrent uveitis (moon blindness), congenital defects, and any other abnormalities.
  • Herd health—Because we come to you, we are able to evaluate your horse’s living conditions and offer suggestions, if needed, enabling you to provide the optimal environment for your horse.
  • Overview of the patient—You may have a particular concern or we may identify an issue that needs additional investigation. This may include specific body and organ system examinations and testing that can be set up at your convenience.

To schedule your horse’s next wellness exam, please contact us. We look forward to visiting you and your horse.