Dryland Distemper

As we get into the severe fly season, rest assured that we will see some cases of “dryland distemper”, sometimes called “pigeon fever”. Much has been written and discussed about the problems in the Valley Center and Pauma Valley areas last year. The conditions of dryness, heat, flies and the presence of the bacteria leave this area poised for another outbreak.

Key elements of control are cleanliness of the premises, fly control and attention to any skin lesions. Symptoms may include swelling of lymph nodes in the chest or abdominal area, skin sores that won’t heal, elevated temperature and occasionally failure to thrive, with weight loss or colicky symptoms.

Should you observe any of these symptoms we recommend that you call and discuss your findings with us. There are several diagnostic procedures we can do to help identify “dryland distemper.” Don’t rely on hearsay, please call and get the facts!

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